Blocked Drains

Blocked toilet? Drain that won't drain?  Sink won't empty? If you have a problem with your drains, the chances are we will have a drainage specialist close by to help with coverage across Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex and Berkshire.

We charge a fixed price for our work with no call out fee or extras, so you can be sure that no matter how it long it takes you won't pay any more.  We even provide a guarantee of your money back if we can't fix the problem.


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High Pressure Jet Clearing and Cleaning

The most common way to clear a blocked drain is the use of high pressure jetting when to clear stubborn blockages, to clean pipework of fatty deposits/debris and even tree roots with no risk to your existing pipework.


Digging up the ground or excavating is usually the last resort when trying to clear a blocked drain, however sometimes this is the only way to repair the drain or solve the problem. If a drain has collapsed then excavating is usually the only option, unless diverting the drain would be easier and more cost effective.

When carrying out this type of work we use CCTV equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the blocked drain to ensure that the excavation is being carried out in the correct place with the depth being known before we commence work.  All excavations regardless of the surface ie tarmac, paving slabs, block paving or turf will be put back to the same levels and finishes the job began with.

No Dig Drain Lining

More and more technology is becoming available on the market, which allows drains to be repaired without having to dig up and disturb the ground. Drain relining is the most common type of no dig technology.

Drain relining consists of impregnating a polyester sleeve with resin and inserting it into the drain covering any cracks, holes, mis-aligned joints entry points for roots even rats. Then using air inversion or water inversion we inflate the sleeve.  The sleeve will harden over a few hours and allow us to remove the inflation hose leaving you with a sealed length of pipework with no joints.  You lose approximately 6mm diameter which will not affect the drain flow but you will gain effectively a new drain run.

Common Blocked Drain Problems

  • Blocked wash basins
  • Blocked sewer
  • Blocked Toilets
  • Blocked downpipes
  • Blocked drains
  • Blocked baths & showers

We Unblock Drains Across the South of England

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