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Pitch Fibre Drain Repairs in Bordon

Pitch Fibre Drain Repairs
in Bordon

We are a leader in the field of pitch fibre drain repair in Bordon with years of experience. We have perfected our no-dig repair solutions which involves reshaping the deformed pipe with our winch system.

What are pitch fibre drains?

Introduced in the 1940s, pitch fibre drain pipes were used extensively across Bordon until the 1970s. Initially thought to be a better alternative to fired clay pipes, they were cheaper and lightweight, which made the easy to handle.

Made from wood fibre impregnated with coal tar, they performed well when dealing with normal waste water. Subsequently, they have been found to react badly when subjected to large quantities of hot water, oils and fats. This causes the tar soften and cause deformation and leaks in the pitch fibre drains.

The design life of pitch fibre drains has been estimated at 40 years, meaning that most pitch fibre drains in Bordon have reached the end of their life expectancy. In severe cases they can collapse, blocking the drain completely.

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Our pitch fibre drainage engineers are DBS checked and are always ready to deliver fast and thorough drain repair in Bordon.

A friendly and reliable experience is a pillar of our service, which is why our engineers are always careful, punctual and courteous. They endeavour to show you and your home the respect it deserves, while also providing a thorough resolution to your pitch fibre drain problem and helping you understand the cause with additional preventative advice for the future.

How do you repair Pitch Fibre drains?

SaS Drainage have extensive experience repairing damaged pitch fibre drains in Bordon.  We have perfected a ‘no dig’ repair solution, which involves reshaping the deformed pipe. This done by winching a ‘re-rounding cone’ through the damaged area. This returns the drain to its original shape. All of this can be done quickly and efficiently without the need for disruptive excavation.

After the procedure has been carried out, the pipe is cleaned and checked with our CCTV camera and once we are happy with the re-rounding, a Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP), structural liner is installed to hold the pipe’s shape, stopping any future deformation of the pipe.

Professional pitch fibre drain
Pitch fibre drain repairs
Pitch Fibre Drain Repair

Frequently asked questions

  • Internal blistering, caused by deterioration can cause blockages and eventually close up the entire pipeline.
  • Pitch fibre is prone to deterioration caused by age, chemical erosion, weight stress and being poorly laid.
  • Over time, pitch fibre becomes porous, washing away subsoil and causing subsidence. This also attracts shrub and tree roots, causing further damage.
  • The delicate nature of pitch fibre means that the usual methods of drain clearance, e.g. high pressure jetting, can cause further structural damage.

Best estimates suggest that pitch fibre drains have a life expectancy of approximately 40 years.  The vast majority of pitch fibre drains were installed between 1950-1970, meaning that most have reached the end of their life expectancy. In severe cases pitch fibre drains have been known to collapse, blocking the drain run.

We have perfected a ‘no dig’ repair solution, to minimise disruption and prevent the need for excavations. This involves reshaping the deformed pipe by winching a ‘re-rounding cone’ through the damaged area. This returns the drain to its original shape. All of this can be done quickly and efficiently without the need for disruptive excavation.

Yes, when conducted by experienced professionals, pitch fibre drain repair using advanced techniques can restore the drain’s structural integrity, ensuring long-term functionality and durability.

In many cases, repairing pitch fibre drains is a cost-effective alternative to complete replacement. A professional assessment can determine the most economical solution.

The duration of repair depends on the extent of the damage. However, no-dig technology often allows for a faster and more efficient repair process compared to traditional excavation methods.

A professional drainage inspection, often utilising CCTV technology, can identify the material of your drain and assess its condition to determine if repairs are necessary.

What does a Drain CCTV Inspection Look Like?

Using our advanced colour CCTV technology, we can effortlessly pinpoint the precise location of a broken pitch fibre drain and, crucially, determine the most effective method for remedying the issue.

In the event of a structural problem within the pitch fibre drain, our comprehensive repair options include two primary solutions. The first involves excavation, where our skilled team meticulously excavates the affected area to access and repair the damaged section. Alternatively, we deploy innovative no-dig technology to restore the pipe to its original shape before applying the relining process. This non-invasive approach is particularly advantageous for minimising disruption to your property and its surroundings while still ensuring a thorough and enduring resolution to the structural issues within the pitch fibre drain. Whether through traditional excavation or the application of cutting-edge no-dig techniques, our goal is to restore the pitch fibre drain efficiently, ensuring it functions optimally and remains resilient for the long term.

CCTV drain survey identifying a blocked drain.

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