Drain Repairs and Repairing Broken Drains

There are many ways to repair broken drains, but the first important step is to identify the cause of the problem. Our engineers are equipped to deal with all manner of scenarios and work quickly to identify the drain repair necessary.


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Locating the Problem

An in-depth survey of the drain may be required, allowing us to pinpoint the problem exactly. Our team conduct thorough examinations utilising the latest in CCTV Drain Surveys. After identifying the issue, we then proceed in repairing the broken drains.

No Dig Drain Lining

More and more technology is becoming available on the market, which allows drains to be repaired without having to dig up and disturb the ground. Drain relining is the most common type of no dig technology.

Drain relining consists of impregnating a polyester sleeve with resin and inserting it into the drain covering any cracks, holes, mis-aligned joints and entry points for roots. Then using air inversion or water inversion we inflate the sleeve.

The sleeve will harden over a few hours and allow us to remove the inflation hose leaving you with a sealed length of pipework with no joints.  You lose approx. 6mm diameter which will not affect the drain flow but you will gain effectively a new drain run. 

pipe repairs


Digging up the ground or excavating is usually the last resort when trying to solve a problem, however sometimes this is the only way to repair the drain or solve the problem. If a drain has collapsed then excavating is usually the only option, unless diverting the drain would be easier and more cost effective.

When carrying out this type of work we use CCTV equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the problem to ensure that the excavation is being carried out in the correct place with the depth being known before we commence work.  

All excavations regardless of the surface ie tarmac, paving slabs, block paving or turf will be put back to the same levels and finishes the job began with.

Price Match Promise

We fix drains on a permanent basis, never temporary. Whether its by excavating onto broken pipes or no dig structural lining……we are confident that we will beat any like for like repair quotation with just two conditions:

  • It is made by another reputable drainage specialist/company
  • The work actually needs doing

We just need a report or quote given to you we don’t need to know the price you were quoted just the recommendations and reasons why.

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