CCTV Drain Survey and Inspections

Using our high definition CCTV system we are able to look inside pipes, drains and sewers. We are then able to see what condition the pipes are in, where the system runs, even locate and pinpoint buried inspection chambers.

We are able to provide you with a digital DVD colour recording and a fully comprehensive written report, with full repair and diagnostic recommendations. The report can be sent to insurance companies following any disputes and can be used for evidence if required.

CCTV Surveys enable us to check pipe condition, we encourage where possible you watch the monitor as we survey your drains so we can explain as we go and give you more of an understanding.  We can record any survey if required this can aid insurance claims and house purchases


Common problems found during CCTV drain inspections include:

  • Damage by tree roots
  • Blockages due to debris
  • Scale build up
  • Collapsed drains
  • Pipe movement
CCTV Drain survey and sewer inspection using CCTV.

Home Buyer Drain Survey

A CCTV drain survey is ideal for home buyers as we can provide a full picture of the condition of the drainage system. Our advanced cameras can find and identify any drainage faults, leaky pipes or joints, blockages and any other issues that could be costly or inconvenient in the future. We can even provide you with a DVD of drainage survey for insurance purposes.

Drain Inspection Survey

For commercial clients we offer a comprehensive inspection of drains, sewers and pipes to monitor the health of the drainage system and recommend any remedial work that may be required.

Pre-purchase Drain Survey

Pre house purchase surveys are very important, we look at the entire system for a you, record any issues and plan out for you the system you are taking over.  If there are problems a full report with recommendations and costs to get the system as it should be will be provided - this you can use to negotiate with the seller.

Structural Drain Survey

We carry out CCTV drainage inspection programmes of drains, sewers and pipes for a wide variety of clients, to ascertain the structural integrity of their drainage assets.

What does a Drain CCTV Inspection Look Like?

Our colour CCTV can easily identify where the blockage is, and more importantly how best to resolve the problem.

If there is a structural problem within the drain, then there are two main options of repairing it. The first is by excavating and the second is by using no-dig technology

CCTV Drain survey and sewer inspection using CCTV.